I’m Missing An Art Studio

At the end of last year I took time off because my body and mind absolutely needed it. I graduated, we sold our house, and moved temporarily into an apartment until our next house was finished. This meant no art studio for me. I figured that was the universe saying to me slow down and relax.

I’ve been on and off in school for 8 years, I felt I needed some couch potato time. A few weeks of that and I was done. I moved my blog (older blog here) to this amazing place that is wordpress. Worked on head shots which was a bit tricky, when I’m being the photographer and the model. Started organizing my body of photographs, which is getting pretty big. In case you don’t know I work only from my own photographs.

Business cards from MOO

All was ok and then it was March… Where did time go?! Yet I have not picked up a paintbrush, gotten my hands dirty in some kind of texture or even doodled. I started suffering withdrawals. Seriously! But the printmaker in me that can not work in mess or without the proper tools, (in this case a table) couldn’t work on the floor. I tried, I really did and what happened? Mochito got to my ink water!!!

How do you not have a table Leslie? Let me see, well when we sold our house I must have done such a good job staging the house that the buyers wanted my dinning room table, chairs, breakfast table and chairs. They also wanted other stuff but I cut them off there. It was part of the negotiation and we got the money we wanted. Yet I’m left with nothing to work on, a tiny apartment and Mochito getting to my ink water…

BYE school studio

So after that incident I decided to practice on my photo editing skills. Photography was my first love but she has been pushed aside like an unwanted ex-girlfriend. Not by choice really. I’ve just gotten so involved in other disciplines that I don’t make time to just go out and shoot as much anymore. I have a DSLR that I’ve had for almost 2 years and I rarely get to play with and see all that it can do.

March through April I played photographer and edit junkie. It gave me the relax time that I still needed and fed my artistic side. I didn’t feel so guilty about not creating anymore because I was.

Then April came…. House was near completion, earlier than we anticipated. Oh oh oh… The pain of packing AGAIN, well the little we brought to the apartment, everything else was in storage. So for two weeks straight I packed and packed some more. Then came the big day of closing and that same day I began moving things while hubby was at work.

I will not bore you with all the details but just know that moving to a brand new house did not equal to me getting my studio back. Sad face for me I know. We moved in and we started seeing little things wrong here and there. Ok we can deal with that, got with contractor and he made a list of things to fix. I had put most of my art supplies in the room that was to be my studio, pretty much completely full. Then I, of course it had to be me, noticed that a half wall in my studio was crooked! How did nobody notice?! Why did it have to be me? The girl that knows nothing about construction…UGHHHHHH!!!!! Yup thats the right word.

My temporary studio, it’s just the things that couldn’t be in storage.

I promised that the story would be short so, I moved everything out and carpenters, painters all went to work. May is almost here and my art sanctuary is still not done. Some people are saying why doesn’t she just rent a studio? Uhhhmm no, one I don’t want to spend the extra money, two I usually work better alone without noise and distraction and three how am I going to move us into this new home if I’m not home?

While workers were finishing their 101 things that they did wrong inside and outside of my house, I was trapped in it. Someone had to be here for these things to get done and done right. Thank God I had a graduation shoot and a wedding, those pictures kept me busy and sane.

Enough venting… After April Showers which bring May flowers. In my case May brings Art Studio!!!

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