Mid Year Artist Self Check

I began the year very energetic and ready to take on life, well an art life. I was very positive and I knew that so many things were checked off the list. If I sat there and compared to 2015, I had this new year down packed. Here we are in the beginning of July and I’m not so calm and collected anymore. I couldn’t even get some time to finish my self check at the end of June. Where has half the year gone?!

Organizing studio in the beginning of the year

Those of you that received my March Newsletter could tell I was beyond excited, right? I was…

I’m super organized and according to some people I’m kind of anal about my to do lists, yes actual lists. You would think with all this I would be relaxed and that I got this. Well it’s crunch time, that’s what has my nerves on end.

I was on a roll back in March

I’ve already photographed a few of the pieces that are complete for my exhibit. They were very insisting on this for the promotion of the show. But I also promised that I would have everything ready by the end of July. This gave enough time for the gallery to be able to put together whatever they do to promote an exhibit. I didn’t really ask the whys I just agreed. This was also in January and I thought July was so far out.

Only glimpses of my series

In April I went to Guatemala to get a few shots that I needed for some of my last pieces. There has been a little delay on my process (I found out I’m pregnant) which is amazing but artists know my dilemma. There are some materials I can’t use, others make me nauseous. The first trimester has slowed my series down. I never wanted or will be the artist that is no longer an artist because she became a mother. So starting while my bun is in the oven I’m managing. I was asked if I wanted to cancel my exhibit, I said no, my exhibit will happen, I only had to adjust and incorporate new ways and my perfect plan had to get changed.

Mayan Wonders in Guatemala

I will stick to my deadline, I will have the pieces for promotion ready by end of July. However I will keep working through until November. Who knows I might come up with new better pieces when I’m relaxed while not on a time crunch.

Mayan Abstract
Learned to use gloves to work, I had to

My down time (nausea and pregnancy bad times) was not all a waste. As I came back from my research trip, I was asked to have an impromptu exhibit in a financial office. I tweaked this website and was able to really work on the travel website. Was able to finish several posts about my Guatemalan research trip. Finished a photo shoot that I did for my sorority of my alma mater. Editing photographs always relaxes me, I get in a zone and it makes me happy. It’s always great to keep practicing.




Now that the temporary inconveniences seem to be over, I am back in the art studio. I mean really hard at work trying to finish the last pieces. I may not have as many as I wanted to have originally. I wanted to have enough to have works to pick from. More is always better than not enough right? Well now that isn’t a choice in this case as of now. Lets hope that by November that has changed.

Instagram Leslie M. Guzmán

I want to be proud of my series and if I push myself to have quantity it will not be quality. Quality is always better than quantity.

I also did my first art giveaway, reason for it was reaching my first 1k followers or fans on Facebook. That was fun and the winner was someone who did not own one of my pieces but a fan who is very active. Make sure you’re following my Facebook and Instagram so you know what’s going on, events or giveaways and of course this blog. I post different things on all social media. My Facebook is blog updates, events and exhibits. Instagram is the snippets of works in progress and studio action. The blog gets more in-depth and musings.


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