New Year: Setting Creative Art Goals


Last year was not just a great year but an active year for me. I participated in several group exhibits as well as my first solo show. One of the memorable exhibits was the Genocide: Man’s Inhumanity for Humankind at the Holocaust Museum of Houston juried by Clint Willour. I won honorable mention on a show juried by Jennifer Justice from the Galveston Arts Center. Ending the year with my own solo show for my Fragments series was just perfect for curtain closing.

With my artwork and one of my college professors

As an artist who does not plan to be a starving artist I know I have to keep working, creating, learning and exhibiting. The upcoming 2017 was about to start and with it the unknown because I gave it my all in 2016 and I was ending the year a bit exhausted.


The interesting group exhibit I was part of, Debt Fair by Occupy Museums is now traveling to be a part of the Whitney Biennale. It went from the Art League of Houston to the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw in Poland in the Making Use exhibit, to Chicago to the University of Illinois for the Precarity: Contingency in Art Making in Academia and now to Washington.


I entered the invitational juried exhibition for the VAA that had as its juror Lester Marks, an artist and a very known art collector. He picked two of my pieces to be in the exhibit, the show will be from January 14th through Feb 1th. Opening reception will be Wednesday January 18th at the Silos at Sawyer.


I have a few commissions that I have to start on, although each time I have explained and stressed that I had so much on my plate I couldn’t make the pieces in a blink of an eye. I will be working on those this year, now that my big projects are out of the way. These are my first commissions so I’m also going to have fun with them.

Love these words found on my art contact book

I’m finishing a series that began when I was still a student. This series came to life when I did a study abroad trip to Italy. Years have passed and I have yet to complete it or even come close to it. Next year will be the fifth year of when I lived in Italy and would like to possibly showcase it.


I have not made up my mind if I want to go to Graduate school. This doesn’t not mean I don’t want to further my education. There are so many art techniques I’m curious about and want to dabble in them but need instruction rather than try to teach myself. I’m contemplating taking another printmaking class.

The best college art professor a girl could ask for

I have always said I’m a self-taught photographer and I do not like to use the word photographer because anyone that can afford a camera does. But since my work begins with photographs and some is photography based I want to take a photography class. It can only help me.


I want to do an art residency, whether local or international. This goal however is a bit harder because I have to uproot my family for few weeks or month depending on the residency. But I think I can really grow from a residency. I won’t kill myself over this goal, I will be positive and apply.


I’ve said I want to do this but somehow I can never follow-up with this. I want to try to have at least one collaboration this year. It’s harder to do an art piece as a collaboration for some reason. Maybe I don’t know as many artists that like to do this. I’ve been asked by artists from other countries but that makes it harder. I’ve only done one collaboration in my artistic life. However I’m expanding the collaboration word to include other medias. This should open other doors.

Guatemalans supporting Guatemalans

Now if I could just blink my eyes and my studio will clean itself, that would be perfect.

Let’s Be Friends


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