Guatemalan Piece: Colorful Traditions


Great way to start my new year, with not one but two pieces chosen by Lester Marks for the Visual Arts Alliance exhibit. Better than that,  Colorful Traditions was granted the first place award. Yes, I think this just made my year.

Photo Credit: Juliana Rose Photography


Colorful Traditions was one of the first pieces that drew my mind and eye to start this series. It was inspired by a trip to Guatemala taken of an indigenous woman not wanting to be seen by any cameras. I loved the intricate colors in her native dress. Of course, I’m always chasing culture especially my own.

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I almost didn’t enter this exhibit because I felt I had no real work since my entire 2016 was spent devoted to finishing my work for my Fragments show. Plus I was planning a trip so it was a bit complicated. My always supportive number one fan, also known as Husband, convinced me to enter. Plus not all of Houston saw my work in my show, so technically it was new work.

Hubby captured this photo, when Lester Marks was talking about my piece and why he chose it.


Everyone has heard of Lester Marks, the art collector. To hear that he chose my work to be in the show AND that he picked it as the winning piece it was… I cant put it in words. If I ever had doubts about the path I chose for myself as a career, this dissolved those pesky thoughts. He was so down to earth, gave me great insight into the art world and his thoughts on my artwork was priceless.


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