It’s Official: Maternity Leave Over, Back to Creating and Art


I know we have all heard that having a baby is life changing and I promised myself that I would make sure I still dedicated time to my art. Although the first two months nothing other than baby happened in my life, I can proudly say I am back to art, part-time.

Now that he’s older, I can make art while he plays


I started with going to clean my studio while the baby slept. Then half an hour with the baby in his swing inside my studio. Sometimes IF I can get away from both the baby and my husband I run away to my studio. They find me though. Jaja


This challenge, I have to say was the best thing I ran across during this time of kicking myself. It was something so simple yet it made me very aware that I couldn’t let a day go by without going into my studio. It also helped that the days were pre-decided for you.


I have to say that was not just fun but it also got me to do other things I normally don’t do. This was the start of doing videos of the process of my art.

(I’m currently completing the 100daychallenge, #100daysofartlifeinspirations)


You would think that I could have all the down time to update my website. Absolutely not true. Every time I would get on my laptop, whether in my studio or even to the room with my family it was almost a bell to bug mommy. Finally, my latest series is up and some other twitches were made.

I have been working on delivering art and my customers like seeing the baby.


I wanted my baby’s first artwork to be from his mom, yet I never got to it while pregnant. I’m also glad I waited. I have completely rearranged his room and even switched him to another room in the house. Now I have a better feel for his room, the decor and what I wanted for my little prince.

So what is the first work? Get to the point! Well, it’s not quite finished, I’m still working on it. I’m working on a collagraph of an elephant. A collagraph is a collage of different materials glued to a flat surface that later you can ink and create a print from. The collagraph is complete and now ready for the printing process.

This is a video of the protective coat on the collagraph. It was fun getting dirty again.


While I was busy getting mad at myself for not going back to my art and seeing all these other artist mothers in their studios I neglected to see how much I was creating. I have several experiments going, every flat surface of my studio is filled with a project. Since I use multi art disciplines each project has their own materials set up. I started counting and I have 18+ artworks/sketches started. None completed but not bad for the six months that I thought I was being unproductive. So on a scale from 1-10, I give myself a 7.5, only because I am behind on several personal goals I set for myself this year.


3 comments on “It’s Official: Maternity Leave Over, Back to Creating and Art

  1. I love it! I know it’s not easy. Currently surviving with a 2.5 month old. But, you’re truly an example of being a mommy, artist, and someone who more than anything is doing her best. You go, girl!


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