Interactive Instagram Project Foto 365


These were the top photographs for January

Last year was all about getting used to my new normal, and being able to balance between mother and artist. I even set rules for ending maternity leave.


These were the selections for February


Of course, nothing I had imagined or planned worked out. Long story short I needed to work smarter and all around my little person.


March Favorites


As an artist, I work very closely with photography. It influences my work and sometimes becomes my work. I have taken so many photographs throughout the years, that I have a small vault of photographs that I have set aside to work on for future projects. Somehow that future never comes, out of lack of time.

Day 29

This is where the #ProjectFoto365 idea for Instagram came from. I wanted to make it about getting better at my craft, especially capturing better photographs. Realistically speaking I knew I would fail before I even began, I may not have that time to take a photo each day. Yet, I knew I had that vault of photographs that I have been itching to play with. I could make time to edit and work on those photographs, one each day.

Day 41:


I didn’t want to post about the project, or even let my followers know about it quite yet. I wanted the first month to be unique and sincere interaction. No one knew the rules and with Instagram’s new algorithm, those that don’t actively follow my feed won’t see the photos.

Day 88:


I post one photograph, edited and I tell a little story about it each day. After seven days, I see which is the most liked photograph and that is the piece that gets printed to become my next art piece. I have my favorites but it’s not me that decides, but my Instagram followers.

Day 99

I love interactive art, I know this is not quite interacting with the work but the audience is part of the process. I have seen some people share their favorite piece on other social media. This is great because if they really want that piece to be picked they just have to ask their friends/family to like the photograph on my Instagram.

Day 133:

I’m excited to see what body of work I end up with at the end of the year. Now go take a look at my Instagram feed and vote. Remember sharing is caring. or follow along at the #ProjectFoto365

If you don’t have Instagram you can still see the photographs on my studio’s Facebook page,

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