Dominican Memory | BLUEOrange Gallery

35TH VAA HOUSTON OPEN JURIED EXHIBITFirst, let me say that I’m pretty much attached to this piece, I don’t even really know if there is a specific reason. I created this piece five years ago. So in artist years, that’s a long time! I think it’s because this was one of the first attempts at this particular style of art, that would lead to what I do now.

SantoDomingo, DominicanRepublic,  Leslie M. Guzman

That is where the memory is from, the colorful Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo to be exact. We had our Honeymoon in a place that we could soak up sun and history.

We did just that when we wandered away from Punta Cana and went to explore Santo Domingo. I was taken in by the vibrant buildings and all the stories. Sorry, history nerd here.


Although we didn’t spend too much time there, I did bring back so many memories in photograph form.

Just a few photographs, and of course here it is again, the one that inspired it. #LifeWithSalsa


I’ve entered this little piece in several exhibits, for some reason it never gets selected. I reached the conclusion that what makes this piece beautiful and unique just doesn’t get translated into the photographs I’m taking of the artwork.

I was perfectly fine with it decorating my home since I love seeing it in my hallway. Then I responded to the open call for the VAA Houston Open Juried Exhibit juried by Molly Glentzer from the Houston Chronicle and she seems to have liked the piece because it was selected to be in the exhibit.


This is the first exhibit for this little piece that is very personal to me as an artist and personal to the husband because he remembers walking that street on our romantic stroll in Santo Domingo.


Wednesday, March 7th

BLUEOrange Art Gallery

1208 W. Gray St. 

Houston, TX 77019

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