HeadShot-101-CroppedArtist Leslie M. Guzmán was born in picturesque Guatemala. She lives and works in Houston, TX.  She has a need to travel, to explore her passion for art by slowly photographing the world.

Her love for art began with photography, when her mother gifted her a camera at a young age. This love transferred into other art disciplines but never forgetting about photography.

Knowing nothing else about art, she was dead set on being a photographer. That was until entering college and a very wise advisor gently suggested pursuing an art degree, with her focus on photography. That was the start of the love affair with art. Her restless spirit has her constantly exploring many disciplines of art.










Bottega Guzman is the journey of Leslie M. Guzmán’s art journey and the works in progress in her studio. Documenting the beginning of her first art studio and evolving as a multi disciplinary artist.